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Full text of "La Vie Collegienne: Lebanon Valley College Student Newspaper (September 9, 2009)"

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This Week 


Students memorialize 

ivi* i /** 1 1 / i ■ r < i i 

Nicole Gallos life through 


See the full story oPHot 
Dog Frank 7 told by a Valley 


LVC students give their take 
on the college alcohol policy 


Ha Vit Collegtenne 

Volume 77, No. 1 

An Independent Publication | Founded 1924 

September 9, 2009 





What new 
need to 

Your complete guide to the ins 
and outs of LVC, from who you 
should know on campus to where 
to visit in town 

Pages 4,5 






Arts & Entertainment ... 












A tragedy leaves campus mourning 

The LVC Field Hockey team has 
high hopes for the coming season 

Page 8 


Perspectives editor Patrick Salo- 
mon talks with school administra- 
tion about the controversy concern- 
ing off campus housing 

Page 6 


Sarah Grodzinski '10 

Sports Editor 

Nicole Gallo was not an average 
girl. Yes, she went to school, played 
sports, and hung out with friends, but 
she possessed a unique quality — a 
characteristic — that set her apart from 
others. This characteristic was appar- 
ent to anyone that crossed paths with 
her, for they too were touched by the 
warmth of her sunshine. 

While people can point fingers or 
attempt to find someone to blame, 
the tragic accident that took the life 
of Nicole Gallo was just that — an 
accident. Nicole's young life was cut 
short on Aug. 14, 2009 when she was 
struck by a car while walking outside 
of the Delaware County Memorial 
Hospital. The driver, reaching for 
her iPod, lost control of the car and 
hit Nicole and her friend, Christine 
Bochanski. Bochanski was critically 

"Just put it in a bubble and blow it away..."- Nicole Gallo 

injured but was released from the 
hospital Aug. 25, 2009. 

It is a shame for those who never 
met Nicole, because her classmates, 
friends, and fellow athletes could not 
fathom a life without knowing her. 

Individuals that did know Nicole 
were blessed because of the genuine 
compassion and enthusiasm that she 
displayed in everything she did. As 
a student and member of the track 

Please see GALLO | Page 3 

La Vie launches new online edition 

v colleqienneONLINE 

Daniel Walmer ' 1 

La Vie Staff Writer 

La Vie Collegiene, LVCs stu- 
dent-run newspaper, is entering 
cyberspace. On Sept. 9, 2009, La 
Vie Online (http://lavieonline.lvc. 
edu) will officially kick off, fea- 
turing polls, blogs, sports scores, 
breaking news, interactive features 
and more. 

"Here you can add video, slide 
shows, just a different way to tell 


the story" said Justin Weaver '10, 
the primary designer and manager 
of the website. 

"All the stories in the print edi- 
tion will be on the site," Weaver 
said, "but there will also be stories 
that are online that aren t in the 
print edition." 

One advantage of La Vie On- 
line is that it will be interactive. 
According to Weaver, there will 
be a weekly poll about campus- 

related topics, and there will 
be a space for readers to leave 
comments at the bottom of each 

"We do reserve the right to take 
down any offensive comments that 
are posted," he added. 

In addition to the interactive 
elements, La Vie Online will be 
"news 24/7," able to provide in- 

Please see ONLINE | Page 2 

LVC News 


College prepares as 
nation enters flu season 

NinaBalogh '10 

Circulation Manager 

Flu season is rapidly approach- 
ing and college students all over the 
United States now have a new strain 
to be wary of. Swine Flu, otherwise 
known as the H1N1 strain has been 
running rampant through commu- 
nities over the spring and summer 
months and will most likely be ap- 
pearing on college campuses next. 

Health Services at LVC have 
been in contact with the CDC 
(Center for Disease Control) and 
are receiving information as the flu 
season progresses. 

"Students should not be wor- 
ried," says Julie M. Wolf, Head 
College Nurse and Director of the 
College Health Center, "due to how 
preventable the illness is." 

According to Health Services 
and the CDC, the H1N1 flu strain is 
very preventable. With good hand 
washing and by practicing good 
habits, the chances of spreading and 
contracting the illness will be low- 
ered dramatically. Covering your 
nose and mouth when you cough or 

Please see FLU | Page 2 

Ben Waltz 11/ LA VIE 
H1N1 Despite the hype surrounding 
the H1N1 virus, it is very prevent- 
able. Even common sense practices 
like washing your hands can help 
keep you safe 

h x6169 


2 La Vie Cqllegienne September 9, 2009 


ONLINE: allowing 'greater immediacy' 

Continued from Page 1 

formation more quickly than the 
weekly print edition can. Weaver 

This will include breaking news 
items as well as live audio and vid- 

"You'll get immediacy which 
you don't get in a weekly news- 
paper," said Bob Vucic, Lecturer 
in English and advisor to La 

Weaver recommended that 
students sign up for e-mail alerts 
or join the La Vie Facebook and 
Twitter groups so they will know 
when breaking news is happen- 
ing. Links to both the Facebook 
account and the Twitter account 
are on the La Vie Online home 

Weaver explained that stories 
held for the print edition will be 
made available online at 4 p.m. 
on Wednesday afternoons, the 
same time the print edition is 

By adding an online edi- 

tion, La Vie "reflects the current 
trends in journalism," Vucic said. 
"We have to be up to speed with 
what's going on in the industry," 
he added. 

Even so, the La Vie print edition 
will continue as before, he clarified. 
"There's a feeling that it's needed 
and wanted." 

Weaver also stated that a full 
PDF file of the print edition will 
be available for download on the 

"I think everybody's very 
pleased with how [the website has] 
turned out," Weaver said. 

Still, he encouraged readers to 
provide feedback. 

"We'll try to tailor this towards 
their wants and needs," he noted. 

Overall, Weaver has high 
hopes for La Vie Online, as he 
remarked, "I think it will be very 



Wig & Buckle 
Theft Update 

Almost a year later, $1000 
was reported stolen from the 
Wig & Buckle Theatre Com- 
pany during the week of the 
showing of Dracula. An in- 
vestigation into the theft fol- 
lowed, but the case has since 
grown cold. Annville Town- 
ship Chief of Police Michael 
Burdge, has offered a reward 
for any information on the 
theft. Any information re- 
garding the theft should be 
reported to Annville Town- 
ship Police. Information 
will be kept confidential and 
anonymous if preferred. 

Annville Township Police 
can be contacted at (717) 

FLU : annual flu vaccine available, H1N1 vaccine awaiting approval 

Continued from Page 1 

sneeze, and avoiding touching your 
face are good habits to remember 
during this flu season. 

If an outbreak occurs at LVC 
campus, there are no definite 
plans as of right now for closing 
the school, says Wolf. 
Professors will be asked 
to be lenient with their 
attendance policy; how- 
ever, students are respon- 
sible for the work they 
miss while they are out. 
If anyone is experiencing 
flu-like symptoms (fever, 
sore throat, headache, 
body aches) they are re- 
quired to leave campus 
or contain themselves in 
their rooms until they 
are symptom-free for at 
least a day, and can main- 
tain a normal tempera- 
ture without the help of 
fever reducers. Accord- 
ing to an e-mail sent to 
students from the Dean 
of Faculty, Dr. Michael 
Green, meals will be delivered to 
ill students if they are unable to 
go home. 

Green also sent out an e-mail 

regarding LVC's policy for stu- 
dent and professor absentees due 
to the H1N1 virus. Access LVC 
will be the most convenient way 
of doing this. Professors are to 
consider online work assignments 


*So far, one case of the influenza virus has been 
reported on campus, though the case has not 
been confirmed or denied to be the H1N1 

^Beginning September 15th, the Health Center 
will be offering the annual "seasonal" flu vac- 
cine. Students and employees with medical 
problems are given top priority for this first 
wave of vaccines. After Sept. 25th it will be of- 
fered to others on campus. The cost of the flu 
shot is $20 this year. 

Share your opinion on the H1N1 virus by 
voting in this week's online poll at: 

in the event that classes have to 
be cancelled. Also, if professors 
are ill, students will be notified 
via e-mail and a sign will be post- 

ed on the door of the classroom. 
For more information, please see 
the online version of the story 
along with the link to the e-mail 
Health services has requested 
the new H1N1 vaccine, but 
must have approval before 
they receive it. In addition 
to that, some stock of the an- 
nual flu vaccine has already 
been received by Health 
Services and they will de- 
termine if this vaccine will 
need to be given out earlier 
in preparation for the two- 
shot series H1N1 vaccine. 

Pennsylvania is no longer 
testing for Swine Flu. The 
antiviral drug Tamiflu will be 
given out on a case-by-case 
basis, depending on the sever- 
ity of the symptoms and the 
medical background of the 
patient. Tamiflu will not be 
given out at the health center. 

Information regarding 
prevention of this illness can 
be found on the Health Services 




All information courtesy of the LVC Department of Public Safety 


La Vie did not receive information for the current week s crime- 
watch by press time 

8-24-09 | Rte. 934 and Liberty St. 

Vehicle Accident 

A student was struck by a vehicle while crossing route 934 at Liberty 
Street. She was transported to the local hospital. Annville Police is inves- 
tigating the incident. 

8-24-09 | Miller Chapel 

Emergency Assistance 

A student became ill and was transported to the hospital by Annville am- 

8-25-09 | LVC Campus 


A student complained she is possibly being harassed by an individual from 
her home town. Lebanon Valley College Public Safety Office and Annville 
Township Police are investigating the complaint. 

8-26-09 | Fire Company Parking Lot 

Auto Theft 

A student reported his 2000 red Mercury Cougar with white pinstripe, 
2 door with sunroof was stolen from Union Hose Social club parking lot 
sometime between August 25 and August 26. PA registration GYD6243. 
Vehicle was located on campus August 28, 2009. Investigation is continu- 
ing by Annville Township Police and Lebanon Valley College Public Safety 

8-28-09 | Derickson "B" 


Assisted Student Affairs with a party. Party was broken up and alcohol was 
cleared from the room. Investigation continues. 

8-28-09 | Arnold Sports Center 

Medical Assist 

A student dislocated her thumb. Student went to the Good Samaritan Hos- 
pital for a check-up. 

8-29-09 | Derickson "A" 

Alcohol Violation 

Assisted Student Affairs with a party. Party was broken up and alcohol was 
cleared from the room. Investigation continues. 

8-30-09 | Funkhouser 


Assisted Student Affairs staff with an alcohol violation. Investigation con- 

8-30-09 | Silver Hall 

Domestic Dispute 

Public Safety assisted Student Affairs staff with girlfriend-boyfriend dispute. 
No further problems. 

Please report any suspicious activity to Public Safety at x61 11. 

La Vie Collegienne September 9, 2009 3 


Humanities Renovations 

Historical campus landmark gets a makeover 

Ben Waltz '11 / LA VIE 

OH THE HUMANITIES The Humanities building, built in 1905, is still undergoing renovations which will eventually 
restore it to a more historically accurate condition 

Kristin Miller '10 

Copy Editor 

Lebanon Valley Colleges his- 
torical Humanities building is still 
in the process of getting a face lift. 
The administration has been dis- 
cussing plans to restore the entire 
exterior of the building for a decade. 
The building was built in 1905 and 
therefore considered by the College 
to be one of the oldest and most his- 
toric buildings on campus. 

In 2005; Humanities underwent 
a facility condition assessment; 
leaving the building a high prior- 
ity with six million dollars in pre- 
ferred maintenance. The admin- 
istration decided it best to work 
on the Humanities building from 
the inside out in order to keep the 
weather out. Architect Jim Milner 
of Chadds Ford ; who specializes in 

& Clarifications 

It is our continuing goal to 
provide readers with complete 
and accurate information. To 
that end; we welcome and en- 
courage notification of any 
mistakes. Readers who wish 
to submit corrections should 
send an email to lavie(S); 
subject line: Corrections. 

historic restoration work; was cho- 
sen as the designer in 2006. Archi- 
val photos of the building s original 
state were given to Milner to ensure 

"The goal is to restore the build- 
ing in a historically accurate way 
unlike what was done in previous 
decades/' said Don SantostefanO; 
Senior Director of Facilities Man- 
agement at the College. 

The restoration includes a new 
roof; terracotta replacements; win- 
dow replacements; brick restoration; 
and a refurbished parapet. The alu- 
minum windows have been replaced 
with more weatherproof; energy- 
efficient models. The bricks have 
been "re-pointed/' which involves 
grinding the mortar joints back and 
refilling them. This will make the 
walls more water-tight. The parapet 
will be redone to its original historic 
design. The main concern; however; 
is the deterioration of the masonry 
especially at roof level. 

The research this project in- 
volved was Santostefano's favor- 
ite part of the job. Ten years ago ; 
there was not enough funding or 
information to restore the building 
accurately. Don was hired as the 
Director of Facilities Management 
in March of 2006; close to the time 
that the architect was selected. 

"An historic architect is the best 
person to know how to do this 
project" Santostefano added. "We 

don't want it to be compromised. 
We want to make the right deci- 
sions so the outside won't need to 
be touched for a long time". 

This project will take $2.3 mil- 
lion to complete. According to 
Vice President for Finance Deb Ful- 
lani; money is set aside each year to 
save for large future projects. This 
project-funding figure is based on 
enrollment for the year. In 2006 ; 
enrollment numbers were much 
higher than expected; allowing $1 
million to be saved that year for 
this restoration. The remainder was 
saved in 2007 and 2008. 

"These funds are not based on bor- 
rowing/' Fullam explained. "There- 
fore; we will be able to go ahead with 
the project without problems from 
the economic situation." 

Most of the disruptive work 
was done during the summer; yet 
construction on the building will 
continue throughout this semester. 
The completion of the project is 
anticipated by mid-November. 

Completely renovating the in- 
side of Humanities may not occur 
in the near future. Other competing 
needs such as the residence halls; 
Mund; and Blair will seemingly 
take precedence. For a detailed list 
and description of the Humanities 
restoration; visit http://www.lvc. 



GALL0: always cheerful and positive' 

Continued from Page 1 

team ; Gallo was always cheerful and 

She had a favorite saying which 
she always quoted; "Put it in a bub- 
ble and blow it away." 

"It means if you had anything 
that was bad or really bothering 
you to just put it in a bubble and 
blow it away because life is always 
going to get better" explains close 
friend; Jerome Duncan. 

"It actually works" says friend; 
Johanna Walker. 

There is no doubt that this girl was 
loved by many people. The day after 
the accident; a "RIP Nicole Gallo" 
Facebook group was created in hon- 
or of her, which now has nearly two 
thousand members. There were hun- 
dreds of people at her viewing; which 
lasted until midnight; and the track 
team has decided to dedicate their 

home meets to her. The Sunshine 
Foundation will also be established 
in honor of Nicole. In addition; one 
of Gallo's friends wrote a song for her 
and posted it on YouTube. 

A campus memorial service 
was held in the chapel on Aug. 27, 
2009; led by Chaplain Fullmer; 
where students were told to bring 
their bright colors and bubbles. A 
memorial scholarship was also set 
up in honor of Gallo at her high 
school; Archbishop Prendergast. 

Track coach Melissa Weidler 
said they will make memorial 
patches on their uniforms; and on a 
day close to her birthday perhaps; 
the team will have a day for no dis- 
tractions; including no talking on 
the phone or texting. 

S. GRODZINSKI slg002(S) 

LVC debuts new 

Daniel Walmer ' 1 

La Vie Staff Writer 

When students returned to cam- 
pus this year ; they found a brand 
new LVC website. 

The site ; which went up on Au- 
gust 20* was redesigned as part of 
a plan to separate the LVC com- 
munity website from the website 
used by students on campus ("My 

Jasmine Bucher ; Director of 
Web Communications and New 
Media, and Dave Shapiro ; Direc- 
tor of Technical Services; both 
LVC alums, were the lead project 
managers for the website rede- 
sign. They created it to appeal to 
alumni; parents; and prospective 

"It's bright and colorful; but not 
so much that a 50-60 year old alum 
would be appalled by the colors" 
Shapiro said. 

A main feature of the new web- 
site is the rotating banner at the 
top of the website with links to "in- 
depth" stories about students; fac- 
ulty and staff; he said. 

In addition to the banner at the 
top; the LVC calendar has been re- 
vamped; and the wording of some 
items has been changed. Also ; de- 
partments now have more control 

over updating their own informa- 

"A website is never finished" Bu- 
cher said; "and there will be more 
improvements to come." 

Feedback from students about 
the website has been positive; she 

"I think we're very pleased with 
the direction it's going" she added. 

A group of people from differ- 
ent departments and offices; Sha- 
piro said; provided feedback for 
the new site. "Having that group . . . 
really helped to get a variety of per- 
spectives" he added. 

Students Brian Farkas '12 and 
Katrina Wells '12 were crucial in 
getting the website up as well; Bu- 
cher said. 

Because college faculty staff; 
and students designed it; "the col- 
lege actually owns this website" 
Shapiro said; unlike many colleges 
that outsource the designing of 
their websites. 

Students with any questions 
about the website ; ranging from 
what they like and dislike about it 
to difficulties logging in and other 
problems; can e-mail webmaster^) 

D. WALMER djw001(S) 

4 La Vie Collegienne September 9, 2009 

tfC i o 1 




I N A M 
I E L M 
H C N Y 


J L U F 


D L U T 

K D D T W P A L A 

E I V A 
U G H L 


A G G I 


S S I 


X X X T 
D G F 


T C H M 


J T I B 
S R I E 
S C Y J 



F Y A L 


T A P A 


T C H M 
Z D G 

Test your LVC Lingo! 


I R D I Q I M Flying Dutchman 

L Y E I S S A 

The Underground 
U K E J R H V Mund 

Z M L I W O L Quittapahilla 
L K L M U P Z Leedy 

I N H A L L F 

N S C Y F B M 
S L F J C R I 

C O O A Q L R 
O J O P U C C 
Y B C A H C H 


D I E N J I Z Hot Dog Frank 

Cup O' Joe 
La Vie 
Study Abroad 

R A N K A A L The Red Avenger 
N G E R T R L Relay For Life 

A N D A Y YE Dutchman Day 


Bishop Library 

Miller Chapel 

E R C R Z X A NeidigGarber 

H I L L A P P Admissions 

A N R C N O E LaughlinHall 

O E N L J V L 

La Vie Cqllegienne September 9, 2009 5 


Do you know the Big 
Men on Campus? 


President MacDonald 

I I Mark Fersch- Student 
1 'Government President 



M 2 
PS § 

m S 
'§ o 

S s 

>^ h 

S3 . 



took * ?° 9S for all « eatA '°riaht *? Par " 

sense. «?" Vs ^ At /e as , 6re to see 
P'ayers /? fhe s am e C h a l Ce ^den r° , of 

I I Greg Krikorian 
□ Rick Beard 

Don't Forget! 

Fall break- Oct. 9-13 

Homecoming/family weekend- oct.23-25 
thanksgiving break- nov. 25-29 
day classes end- dec.4 
final exams- dec. 7-1 2 
end of semester- dec.1 2 

'"Portant Contact? 

j^*arS^^ 6071 

"ea/th Services 6215 

Co/Jege Center 6232 

wl anCia ' Aid Office" 6167 

7 r 't'ng Center. 6181 

Activities Office 6120 

Career Services. 6161 

' » Services 6235 

Sports Center...."" 6060 


6 La Vie Collegienne October 7, 2009 


Letters to the Editor 

La Vie Collegienne requires all 
submissions to contain the author's 
name, telephone number, address 
and/ or e-mail address. No letters can 
be considered for publication unless 
the above criteria are met. 

Telephone numbers and addresses 
will not be printed. Submissions will 
be strongly considered for publica- 
tion if they contain the author's rank, 
major, or professional capacity. 

Letters should be no longer than 
200 words. All submissions to "Per- 
spectives" become property of La 
Vie Collegienne. La Vie reserves the 
right to edit submissions for space or 
for content that is vague, repetitive, 
libelous, or profane. It is not La Vies 
responsibility to check for factual in- 
accuracies within submissions. The 
editor will have the final determina- 
tion concerning such matters. 

Letters, columns, and opinion- 
based articles are not necessarily 
representative of La Vies opinion or 
Lebanon Valley College. 

Submissions may be e-mailed to 
lavie(5), hand-delivered to our 
Mund office, or mailed to the address 

Advertise with 

Ha V\t 

Recruit for your student 
organization. Sell your old 
junk... or that ugly sweater from your 
grandmother. Say hi to your lover, 
(maybe not that last part.) 

Ha Viz Collegienne 

101 N. College Ave | Annville, PA 17003 
Campus Extension 6169 or lavie(o) 

Established 1924 


Jake King '11 
Katie Zwiebel '12 


Caitlin Murphy '12 


Tony Gorick'll 


Rev. Patrick Salomon '10 


Sarah Grodzinski '09 


Stephanie Mannon '11 




Ben Waltz '11 


Madelynn Hughes '10 


Justin Weaver '10 


Robert E. Vucic 

Melissa Zellner 

La Vie Advice Columnists 


They tell it like it is. It s up to 
you to... 

Kristin Witzel 


Qj My roommate and I are polar opposites. I go to bed early; she 
goes to bed late. I make sure everything is neat; she doesn't pick up 
after herself. She and I get along, but our habits are so different! How 
can we fix this? 


First and fore- 
most; talk to her. She 
may not be aware 
that you are having 
issues with her hab- 
its, and therefore; she 
may not feel the need 
to change them. By 
just telling her some 
of the problems you 
are having; she may 
feel compelled to 
change her ways. Or, 
it may become easier 
to reach a compro- 
mise. Sometimes just vocalizing an 
issue can help to solve the problem. 

Try creating a chart or an agree- 
ment of some sort. You each agree 
on responsibilities to take care of in 
the room. Perhaps once a week you 
can agree to switch turns taking out 
the trash. Understand that not ev- 
eryone has the same ideas on clean- 
liness. Try to accept your differences 
and take care of your personal be- 
longings. If a messy room bothers 
you; try to study elsewhere or spend 
more time out of the room. 

Lastly it might be beneficial to 
go to your RA to help you reach a 


Being a "night owl" myself; I can 
sympathize. Here are a few sugges- 
tions for what to do if one of you 
still has work to finish while the 
other wants to go to bed. The li- 
brary is a good; quiet place to get 
work done. There are individual 
study alcoves; group study rooms; 
and super comfy chairs to get your 
work done in. Also ; don't forget 


compromise if, after talking ^ 
to her ; you are still having 
issues. The three of you 
can sit down, talk through 
your differences; and find 
a workable solution. Some- 
times; a third person can mediate 
a conversation by keeping it low- 
key and helping to find a common 

M. ZELLNER mazOO 1 (S) 

the Writing Center. Computer labs 
in Mund and Lynch are another 
alternative for finishing work on a 
computer — especially when a pa- 
per is due the next day. I would not 
advise waiting until the last minute; 
but it does happen! In addition; 
every dorm has a lounge where 
you can work that is complete with 
couches; chairs; and tables. If you 
have other friends that tend to stay 
up late ; you could also do work in 
their room with them. Talking to 
your roommate about this issue is 
the best way to devise a schedule 
that accommodates both of your 
sleeping habits. If you still continue 
to have problems; there is always 
the option of talking to your RA. 



Wondering About Abortion? 

* Pregnancy testing wth immediate result 

* Education on all options 

■ Limited ulirasouncb when indicated 
+ Confidential & free 

Wt? care and woU listen, 
Lebanon Pregnancy Clinic 

132 Souch flth Screet, Leba.non 

Do you enjoy writing, de- 
sign, business, photography? 
We need YOU! 

Join us at our next staff 
Monday October 19,2009 
or email us at 

Gail Jar m day or nvnrig ap^Ganfrnfln t 

www. pregn an hve care .co m 

La Vie Collegienne is published every 
Wednesday of the academic year. 
Meetings are held Mondays at 6 p.m. 
in our Mund office, activities room #3. 
We re always looking for new writers ! 

La Vie Collegienne SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 7 


Men's Soccer 

9.6.09 | 2 p.m. 

vs Baldwin Wallace College 

W 1-0 (0T) 

JV Football 

9.6.09 1 1:30 p.m. 

at Susquehanna University 

W 47-22 

Women's Soccer 

9.6.09 1 1 p.m. 

vs FDU-Florham 


Women's Volleyball 

9.5.09 | 4 p.m. 

vs Daemen College 

W 3-2 (17-25. 22-25. 25-17. 25-19. 

Men's Soccer 

9.5.09 | 2 p.m. 

at Penn State Behrend 



9.5.09 1 1 p.m. 

at Gettysburg College 

W 47-42 

Field Hockey 

9.5.09 1 1 p.m. 

at University of Mary Washington 


Upcoming Games 


9/12-Ursinus College 1p.m. 

Field Hockey 

9/12 vs Lynchburg College 11a.m. 

9/15 vs. Dickinson College 4p.m. 


9/16 vs. Arcadia University 7p.m. 

9/18-19 Flying Dutchmen Tournament 

Men's Soccer 

9/12 Wilkes University 2p.m. 

9/16 Immaculata University 4p.m. 

Women's Soccer 

9/12 University of Scranton 7p.m. 

9/15 Wilkes University 4p.m. 

Cross Country 

9/12 LVC Invitational 11:15a.m. 

Women's Tennis 9/12 

University of Scranton 12p.m. 

Mens Soccer evens their record 

After a slow start, the men's soccer team improves their standing 

Sherae Jones '11 

La Vie Staff Writer 

After beginning the season with 
a tough start ; the LVC Mens Soccer 
Team was finally able to come across 
a victory in their third game of the 
season. Not only was this the first 
win for the team, but also the first 
game in which they scored a goal. 
The men were scoreless the first two 
games of the season. In the season 
opener, the team fell to the Univer- 
sity of Scranton 3-0. 

This past weekend the team trav- 
eled to PSU-Behrend, to play in 
the Herb Lauffler Memorial Tour- 
nament. In the first round of the 
tournament LVC faced host-team, 
PSU-Behrend. Both teams found 
themselves scoreless as they had a 

0-0 draw. During double overtime 
of their second game of the tourna- 
ment against Baldwin-Wallace, the 
Valley found senior Mark Johnson 
to score the teams first goal of the 

From then on the Valley stepped 
their game up. In fact they took the 
last seven of ten shots, with six of 
them landing on the goal. This helped 
to lead the Dutchmen with 10 cor- 
ners and Baldwin-Wallace with only 
3. As a result of their hard work, the 
Dutchmen were able to defeat Bald- 
win-Wallace 1-0. The team will travel 
September 9, 2009 to face DeSales 



Courtesy Sports Information 

Mark Johnson (above) scored the only goal that propelled LVC to 
their win against Baldwin-Wallace. 

FOOTBALL: Season opens with a win 

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able to hold off Gettysburg earn- 
ing a victory. 

Highlights of the game include 
Parkers 13th career 100-yard 
game rushing for 129 yards and Joe 
Brennan rushing 114 yards. Both 
scored two touchdowns each. 

Brittany Ryan earned five out of 
seven PAT s. 

Although the win is positive, 
Coach Monos feels the team still 
has some progress to make. He 
says, "Were extremely happy that 
we won," "But how we did it was 

disappointing. I felt like we could 
have put it away, but we didn' t." 

The Dutchmen host Ursinus 
College Saturday at 1 p.m. 



Nicole Gallo 

(pcacA team temembe'Lb 

"Her favorite saying was put it in a bubble and blow it away. She had 
the type of smile that whenever she would see you, your whole day 
would just get so much better/' -Jerome Duncan 

"Nicole Gallo was someone that was always very upbeat, very outgo- 
ing and always had a smile on her face.' '-Megan Long 

"She'd want to be remembered for her spunkiness and her outgoing 
personality and for being a great sport for her teammates and friends. 
(l| She was always happy and bubbily that's what made her so unique as an 
individual."- Coach Melissa Weidler 

"She didn't have just one group of friends she was friends with 
I the athletes, band members, and she knew people from all different 
groups."-Mco/e Barra 

"I honestly think if Melissa Weidler asked Nicole to do shot put for 
a day, Nicole would do it with the biggest smile on her face because she 
got to trying something new. So many people love her and miss her, but 
I find comfort in knowing that she earned her wings and now she's free 
to fly."-Adam Abruzzo 

"Nicole Gallo was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Her 
smile was infectious and you couldn't help but be happy when she was 
around. She was always so upbeat and fun to be with, that even if you 
were in a bad mood that would quickly change."-/enn Cronin 

"Even if she had no way of helping you she would always be there to 
listen, and help you get something off your chest.' 3 '-Johanna Walker 

"Just knowing her as a person was a privilege just because of how 
sweet and kind she was. Even as a freshman she became a leader of the 
team."- C/in's Clements 

Mark Johnson 
Men's Soccer 

scored a 
goal off 
a corner 
kick dur- 
ing the 
The goal 

LVC its first win of the season as 
they defeated Baldwin-Wallace 
on the second day of the Herb 
Lauffler Tournament at PSU- 

Emily Bainbridge 
Women's Soccer 

the only 
of the 
half to 

FDU-Florham, 3-2, on Sunday. 
The goal gave LVC its first win 
of the young season. 

TheTrack and Field Team 
pays tribute to Nicole gVj 

Field Hockey fixing on a dominant season 

Field Hockey returns seven starters and a talented group of freshmen 

Sarah Grodzinski '10 

Sports Editor 

Its hard to follow up a 19-4 record and 
a fourth consecutive NCAA tournament 
appearance, while ranked in the top 10 
all season, but Lebanon Valley Colleges 
Field Hockey team will definitely try The 
team, led by head coach Laurel Martin, is 
returning 7 starters, and adding a class of 
17 freshmen. With a total of 34 players the 
team will try and complete their dream of 
winning the program s first national cham- 

The LVC field hockey team was 
picked to finish second in the coaches 
preseason poll. They had 52 votes and 
were four votes behind Messiah, the 
defending Commonwealth Conference 

The team will be lead by sophomore 
Jocelyn Novak, who was a third-team ail- 
American and met the LVC single-season 
goals and points record as a freshman 
when she scored 32 times and garnered 
68 points. They will also be led by Shelly 
Lobach, an NFHCA All-Region pick 
who scored 15 goals and had 14 assists, 
Danielle Blase, a second-team all-CC se- 
lection with 10 goals and an assist, Cait 
Eckenrode who scored 5 goals, Rachel 

Courtesy Sports Information 

NOVAK LEADS THE DUTCHMEN The Dutchmen's sophomore Jocelyn 
Novak shattered records when she scored 32 times and totaled 68 points 

Pantalone who scored 5 goals and 7 as- 
sists, Allison Bicher who had 4 goals and 
Marisa Maxwell who added 2 goals. They 
will also be fortunate to have senior goalie 
Caitlin Baro who earned NFHCA All-Re- 
gion and First-Team All-Commonweatlh 
honors last year with 88 saves and a 1.06 
goals-allowed average. Defender Nikki 

Bomberger is the only returning defen- 
sive starter who scored 4 goals and had 6 
assists last year. 

"We've still got a lot of figuring out 
to do. We've got the talent, drive, and 
chemistry to make this year one to re- 
member, but there are a few missing 
pieces yet. Once we find them-and we 

will find them-we'll find success over 
and over again," says junior defender Sa- 
mantha Shober. 

In their 2009 debut, eighth ranked 
LVC defeated Susquehanna 6-0. They 
scored 5 goals in the second half. Allison 
Bicher scored twice for LVC, and Shelly 
Lobach added a goal and two assists. 
Then, Cait Eckenrode scored to put the 
game away. Avery Carter and freshman 
Cate Cusack also scored. Baro made five 
saves to earn the 16th shutout of her ca- 
reer. Things were looking pretty much 
like normal as the season started. 

The biggest surprise, however, came 
to the team when they were upset by 
Mary Washington on Saturday. Tied 
at 2 a piece before the half, Eckenrode 
scored the first goal on a breakaway, and 
Novak added 1. Novak scored another in 
the second, but it wasn't enough as Mary 
Washington got 2 more. Nevertheless, 
upsets happen and hopefully it will only 
make the players more determined. LVC 
will play #16 Lynchburg next Saturday at 
home at 1 1 a.m. 

S. GRODZINSKI slg002(a) 

Women's Soccer finds their footing 

Sherae Jones '11 

La Vie Staff Writer 

The Women's Soccer Team has started 
this season a little rough. Just as the men, 
the women went scoreless until their third 
game of the season. In their season opener 
against Misericordia, the Dutchmen battled 
the Cougars for 106 minutes. Unfortunate- 
ly, the Dutchmen lost the battle as they fell 
to the Cougars 1-0 in double overtime. On 
Saturday, the ladies looked forward to suc- 
cess as they played in the Cyclone Classic 
hosted by Centenary College. During the 
first round of the tournament, the Dutch- 
men scored their first goal of the season 
against Drew University. Freshman class- 
mates Stevi Laird and Nicole Snyder scored 
their first collegiate goals, as each of them 
scored the one a piece. The two Freshman 
goals were not enough unfortunately, as 
Drew found themselves scoring two as well. 
The goals resulted in a 2-2 tie. However, 
the tie from the first round did not stop the 
Dutchmen from playing at their best. On 
Sunday, during the second round of the 
tournament, the Dutchmen were able to se- 
cure a victory against FDU-Florham. After 
scoring twice in the first half, the Dutchmen 

went on a dry spell. Or at least that is until 
Emily Bainbridge, scored LVC's final goal, 
securing the team the victory. The Dutch- 
men defeated FDU-Florham 3-2. The team 
looks forward to more success during their 
home opener Tuesday September 9, 2009 
against Bryn Mawr. Support the team ! 

Courtesy Sports Information 


The Lebanon Valley Women's Soccer team played aggressively, but could 
only tie Drew 2-2 with goals from freshmen Stevi Laird and Nicole Sny- 
der, off of a pass from Lauren King (see above) Emily Bainbridge (above) 
scored the only goal of the second half to provide the win 3-2 over FDU- 



holds off 

Noelle Barrett '11 

La Vie Staff Writer 

The Lebanon Valley College 
Dutchmen claimed the win against 
Gettysburg in the season opener 
on Saturday 47-42. This is the first 
time since 1979 that the team has 
won Gettysburg. The day was filled 
with a lot of other accomplish- 
ments as it was the first time LVC 
won consecutive season openers 
since 1969. Charlie Parker broke 
the record for rushing touchdowns 
previously held by Ken Wilson '90 
when he scored his 24th in the sec- 
ond quarter. 

Ben Guiles returned the open- 
ing kick-off 95 yards for a touch- 
down. The Dutchmen scored on 
their first six possessions of the 
first half. 

We didn't give up 
big plays, we made 
them go chunk to 
chunk and eat up 
the clock, and that 
helped us. » 

Even though by halftime the 
Dutchmen led 41-14, the game 
definitely wasn't a runaway. In the 
second half, the Bullets managed 
to score a touchdown in the 3rd 
quarter with 11.5 seconds on the 
clock. The Bullets continued to 
shake things up by scoring three 
touchdowns in the fourth making 
an impressive comeback attempt. 

Head Coach Jim Monos says, 
"We didn't give up big plays, we 
made them go chunk to chunk and 
eat up the clock, and that helped 

With the pressure on the Leba- 
non Valley Dutchmen, they were 

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